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My new Track: Death of a Rose


This is a sample of my new track that represents everything I sacrificed to move from the US to Germany. I’m pretty much done and I’m already working on new projects.

Cosmonaut incorporates heavy bass synths that battle with the lead string. The sweet center of this track is a Dub Step Breakdown that will turn the dancefloor upside down. If you enjoy Deamau5 or Wolfgang Gartner this is definitely a track worth checking out.
To be Released on July 2nd 2010

This Radio Edit is available for download… the extended DJ mix is available for purchase on Beatport and other online stores.

Thomas Radman – 5AM feat. Phonic Youth
I made 5AM towards the end of 2009. It was in my opinion finished. A heavy progressive house track with a one of a kind hook. Then two members of the electronic band trio Phonic Youth got a hold of it. We worked together to add the vocals from their singer and the live guitar of their guitarist. At some points I had the guitarist copy the hook and in other areas he was just free flowing. I took everything they recorded and fit it into the song actually deleting some of my own parts to make acoustic room for the guitar (especially the guitar solo in the end) and the vocals.
This is by far my best released work. I released this track along with about 5 remixes on my own label that I just started called Tief Haus Recordings.

Release Date: January 21st 2011 on Vibrance Records

Remixes by:
DJ Raw Mean
Soul Puncherz
Dariio & Travis T