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I started reading a new Book today…

I like to read.
Lately I haven’t had much chance to do this, mainly because I think I’m distracted with lots of things that are going on in my life right now. I also feel like I haven’t really veered away from the sort of genre that I’ve been into for the last couple of years. You know the usual, such as Kafka, Grass and Wolf or conspiracy theory fiction (or is it fact?).
Anyways,  I came across this book just the other day. It had a hardcover bound in a Blue kind of fabric. Not much else I was able to tell about it. No summary on the back either.. not even the Author’s picture. Just the title was visible. Written in thin Calligraphy it said Bonnie & Clyde. I had heard of them. The story of an outlaw couple whose loyalty to each other lasted until the bitter end… or something like that.
I imagined it being a story full of romance, passionate love making in between robbery action scenes and manslaughter…. sounds entertaining.
I picked it up and read the first page. I’m the kind of reader where the first page is important. It tells me whether I want to put in the effort to read the entire Book. Lately, I haven’t even had the motivation to pick up any book at all.
In this case I thought that reading the first page is worth it to find out what the hell this story is even about. I’ve heard of Bonnie & Clyde and I know that there are lots of historical references to the real duo.
Although after reading this first page I am not any closer to figuring out what is even going on in this story, it was interesting enough for me to pick up and take with me. I’m at that funny point, and all you readers with a good book know what I’m talking about, where whenever I’m not reading further, I think about what is going to happen next… and that’s exciting to me.
I can’t wait to read on.

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