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My new Track: Death of a Rose


This is a sample of my new track that represents everything I sacrificed to move from the US to Germany. I’m pretty much done and I’m already working on new projects.

Beer, Music and my Maschine.

Got home from practice, beer ready, time for music: “hello Maschine” (Taken with instagram)

New track in the works.

I’ve been hammering away at this new track for the last few days. So far the file name is “Death of a Rose” but I’m not quite sure whether it will stick. I does evoke some emotional turmoil inside me and that of course is the main point of why I produce music. If I can paint myself pictures with sound, then I am happy and I feel I did something right.

I think I can be completely finished with this one by next week… the layout is finished now it’s just about small auditory cosmetics.

Got down on some music today…

Music is now more than ever a release for me, and I’m just realizing this. I mean, I knew that this was an outlet for me but I feel physically better after writing some music.
I was feeling a bit stressed. Settling here is taking longer than expected and My new release Para81 was released on a different label name, which was the distributor’s fault. I already wrote a stern note to customer service. UPDATE: re-release on the third week of march.

But still, although I know that everything will be fixed eventually, because it always does, I needed to take the edge off and the only way I can do that around here at the moment is to get down on some productions… and write endlessly long run on sentences in this blog.

Hello you. If you’re reading this then according to the average statistic you are one of ten people. Congratulations!

Greetings from the Alps