Another Step Closer to a new Life

Yesterday was another mini milestone reached towards the final move date. I had my last day at work. I worked there for 4 years and almost went crazy. Now if that’s better for creating music or if it hinders the creative process, I’m not sure.

I signed two new tracks to my record label Tiefhaus Records just this week, to be released in January.

Some very nice and sophisticated Progressive House from Phonic Youth, who you may remember from my 5AM Release.
As well as this dutch house release by DJ Dandy Dutch also known as djWesV2.

I realize that I don’t have a very consistent release schedule, because I feel like I’m still in the BETA version of the project. I couldn’t really justify laying down firm roots with this label as a company here in the US, when I was about to move back to Germany.
It did, however make me realize how much I’d like to establish a label presence. Once I’m setup in Germany I’d love to get some business consulting meetings scheduled. Building a consistent brand is going to be one of my first goals.

I also recently was in the middle of a deep/tech house mix when I went to look for some new tracks online. I accidentally found a genre link called glitch hop and checked it out just for fun… and oh man. I did some dubstep stuff when people started requesting it like mad at the raves and clubs, but once I heard glitch hop, dubstep sounds like a juvenile child to me. I feel like it takes everything that I like and sometimes need that’s anti-house music. Breaks, Drum N Bass, glitch, stutter edit and gangstah rap samples.. I mean after all that what the fuck is bro-step anymore šŸ˜‰

Now don’t get me wrong I’m still all about house but like I said sometimes I need some anti-house to reset and broaden my musical horizons.

So I sat down for two days and crafted this Glitch Hop mix which already has gotten nothing but great reviews and comments. Feel free to download it: Thomas Radman – [malfunKtion] mix 100bpm Glitch Hop [free download] by ThomasRadman

I’ll leave you all with that. I now have about two weeks to straighten things out here in San Jose. On the 22nd of December I’m off to San Diego until January 12th when my plane goes straight to London and then to Munich. How to send my Studio PC, I haven’t really figured out yet.

Wish me luck and I’m sure that I’ll have more updates until then.

About thomasradman

I write electronic music, I do not "make beats"

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