Not much time left…

The end of the year is approaching at what seems like light speed. As everyone should know by now, it is necessary for me to go back to Germany. Now seems like the time to do it. Although I have to make this enormous move, the follow through is anything but easy. I feel like certain people that I’m close to will perceive this situation as me abandoning them. I want to make clear that I would take all of my friends with me if I could. Please start planning your Germany vacations for next summer Now! 🙂

This moment is as good as any to thank all the artists that have put enough faith in me and into my label Tief Haus Recordings to let me release their work for them.

Dariio of course was there since the start and basically let me experiment on his EP, and we both learned a lot about what it takes to get a label started.

The other artists who released their original work and who have done remix work for my releases, will always be a part of the group that has given me the confidence to transform TiefHaus from a vision into reality:

Hugo Allen
Montana 1948
Calvin Karass
David Jeffreys
Jelly for the Babies
Mikey V
Nick Wax
Phonic Youth
Soul Puncherz
Travis T.
Viro & Rob Analyze

Special Thanks to Sno Jo Radio for always pushing my labels new releases!

Thank you guys for believing in my crazy idea that turned into a label.

My plan is to continue to run the label no matter where I’m located. Germany of course is in my opinion a much more appropriate location for a record label HQ. My door is always open to.

About thomasradman

I write electronic music, I do not "make beats"

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