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ThomasRadman: Got me some Levi’s 501s yesterday… my cool-factor just doubled.

ThomasRadman: @Mattunwin hehe.. nice job!

You got caught (Taken with instagram)

ThomasRadman: Check out music from Parshan

Morris the tiger (Taken with instagram)

Our dark knight (Taken with instagram)

Taken with instagram

ThomasRadman: Mash Ups by @ThomasRadman via #soundcloud
Soundcloud is blocking copyrighted material. Get these Mashups while you can!!

…the alter ego from an altered ego…

that’s the header of the biography of my new side project.
I needed something to release my deep house production urges as.
So I created Parshan.. which is really just my middle name, but so suitable for deep and tech house I think.

Parshan Facebook Page

So Radman will be my harder side as well as any dubstep I might still be pumpin out.. but I’m really excited for this Parshan project.. first track is already in the bag and is called Day Zero.. because it feels like the moment after the apocalypse happened but at the same time it metaphorically is also the beginning of a new musical world and journey for myself.

Parshan – Day Zero Parshan – Day Zero (Radio Edit) by ThomasRadman

I will most likely release this on my own label Tief Haus.. after I get the artwork for the name done as well as the first single album cover. (Thanks Maggie!)

Anyways.. Everything is super exciting at the moment and I’ll keep everyone posted.

Brand new release on my label Tief Haus Recordings. Out now everywhere!