Life changing Events in 2011…

This year holds many mile stones for me. I turned 30… which makes me feel pretty good. It’s the closest to grown up that I’ve ever felt.

I graduated from the San Jose State University with a degree in International Business. It took me about eleven years of college and university time (minus a few years slacking) to get to this point and I’m super proud of myself. I liked school a lot, now I don’t really know what to do next.

I’ve also made a pseudo announcement on my music page that I’m stepping back from official DJ gigs as well as certain party habits, to concentrate more on music production. If you haven’t seen that announcement before, then here it is again.
This comes right after I released the craziest Mix I’ve ever created, not to toot my own horn too much 🙂 You should just download it and give it a listen: 50 tracks in 24 minutes. miniMEGA May 2011 (miniMix) 320 Download by ThomasRadman

Not DJing has worked out well so far. I’ve received at least four remix requests in the past two days, so I definitely have stuff to do to keep busy. I’m currently finishing up a remix for J. Scott G. which has turned out to be another one of this chill style dubstep tracks.. it’s just what I felt the vocals needed and that’s the type of approach I’ve been using lately. It’s especially awesome with the NI Maschine which I love!

The biggest event, though, has to be my move back to Germany. There is no date set so far, but with school finished I don’t have any more official business to take care of. It’s probably going to happen within the next six months. For those who don’t know, I absolutely have to move. Seven years ago I got myself into some legal issues and having a green card put me into a weird position. After talking with over fifteen different lawyers in these past years I’ve decided that the best thing for me would be to give up my green card and basically voluntarily deport myself. If I were to go through the deportation proceedings there is a chance of being held in immigration jail for about six to twelve months. There is no need for me to risk something like that since Germany is Awesome anyways. Don’t fight fate!

SO to anyone facing big milestones in their lives, I think it’s best to just tackle them head on. Make an adventure out of it. Open up that new chapter and don’t be afraid to explore new worlds, metaphorically or practically. The world is getting smaller and smaller and I’ll never be out of touch with my old friends. I know some of you have been looking for an excuse to visit Germany, well there will be another one soon.

Have a Nice Day

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I write electronic music, I do not "make beats"

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