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Wrapping up the Coachella Mixes with a Photoshoot

First of all, Jackie A. you are Awesome!
Here are some of the shots that she took at this great spot John Beaver discovered. After the Police officer declined a bribe to let us into the construction site, we found our own way in and started shooting. We ran into a homeless guy who was there to find copper wires or something.

These pictures are for our Coachella Mixes for this year. Everything is wrapping up nicely and with that a long busy Spring Break week for me as well. On Wednesday we have our official release party at 525 Howard in San Francisco.

Here is the Facebook Event Link:

“Please let us get this Coachella stuff done in time”
Here is the main candidate for the fliers.. super epic background!

Once we have sorted through these, I’ll post the pictures on Facebook.

I’m super stoked!