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Cochella CDs 2011 have begun!!

So John Beaver and I have started it up again. We knocked out a whole mix tonight. This year we’ll have a 2-Disc Set again. He spent quite some time getting the track list together and I’m definitely trying my hardest to piece it all into one cohesive mix.

It is rumored that this year the mixes will be up on a page linked to URB Magazine, but I don’t know the details, yet. The whole archive is still available on my website for download:

We’ll also have our CD Release party on April 6th in San Francisco.. I’ll post the location soon.
I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress of these mixes. I think it’s interesting how many other people are now doing these Coachella mixes as well since we started almost 8 years ago. That’s fine with me, it’s all about the spirit of the festival, anyways.
Can’t wait to go.

A fresh PC is a happy PC.

If you are at least part nerd like I am then giving your PC a fresh install of Windows 7 is like a breath of fresh air. I feel like I preach to my friends and family way too much about keeping your PC clean. Everytime I look at they computers to help them clean it up I feel like I’ve entered into a virtual episode of Hoarders. What is all that crap on your Desktop??? Get rid of that shit.

Anyways, I just recently got myself a copy of Pro Tools 9 and the other day my Maschine came. The weird thing was that every time I installed the Maschine soundbank, parts went missing. The unit worked but whenever I wanted to pull up pre-set groups of sounds half of them were missing. I looked on the internet to see if this was a common occurrence.. Nope. No complaints at all actually. As if NI Maschine was a saint without an evil track-record. I thought that it could have been my windows. Did I finally in all these years carelessly mess my computer up like so many of my friends? Well either way I thought a fresh install would be perfect. The picture of new partitions designated just for music and a solid blue block in the defragmentation screen made me feel warm inside. So I backed up my files (250gb of samples sounds and tracks) and reformatted my hard drive.

Hah funny thing was now without an operating system, for some reason the computer wouldn’t read my Windows Disc. I tried all kinds of boot options as well as several different Windows discs that I have laying around. One of them gave me hope. It got about half way into the install and then crashed. I kept following the steps I had learned back in the day when I was in school for my A+ Cert. I slowly eliminated possible issues. I tried everything software related first before I even thought about troubleshooting hardware. But at this point without an OS, my software options were limited anyways.

My next hunch was the DVD burner itself. And what do you know… I bought a cheap $30 DVD burner and swapped it out and Voila! The Windows disc installed without a problem… proving yet again that it wasn’t a PC OS problem, but in this case simply a hardware malfunction.

To kill some time during the install I kicked back and watched some seriously funny shit, seriously:

First, Aziz is my new hero…

 And second, Nick Swardson .. Seriously, who farted!?

These guys made the install time go by super fast.

Now I have a squeaky clean PC with 100gb allocated for Windows and other system software that’s not music related and the other 500gb of space are for all the music software and instruments I’m going to re-install this week. I already Installed the Maschine and everything went flawlessly. All the sounds (over 11000) are present and ready to rock.
On the list: Ableton 8, Protools 9, Reason 4, Massive, Reaktor, Sylenth, Nexus, ARP2600, Threat and I’m sure some other ones I can dig up.

You guys should think about giving your PC some rejuvenation.
1. Keep the spyware off.
2. Stay away from McAfee and Norton
3. Keep your files organized and don’t store stuff on your desktop.
4. TURN YOUR PC OFF AT NIGHT… everytime it restarts in the morning, your computer runs critical      system checks. This WILL extend the life of your PC.
5. Turn off unwanted start up software.. no one needs Win Messenger to start right when the PC turns on.
6. Finally a fresh install of Windows every other year will extend the life of your PC as well.

I would like to state that I have both a PC and a Macbook Pro, so any “Go get a Mac” comments would be redundant.

March 2011 pre-Coachella

The time has come again. John Beaver is hard at work to prepare the tracks for us to use in our next Coachella Mix. The hype increases each year and this year is no different. Once some of these ‘rumors’ become confirmed I’ll give an update on that.

Personally I’m super busy. Coachella is coming of course and that will take away a nice chunk of my time. Also I’m in my last Semester at SJSU!!! Graduating from the university has been such a long road for me and I’m just so happy that it’s about to happen. I also have two out of state handball tournaments coming up: One is the Regionals in Colorado and then the Nationals which will be in Salt Lake City this year. So my middle of March to the end of May are booked pretty solid.

April 6th is going to be the Coachella CD Release party. Other than that I have nothing lined up.

The return to Germany is on the horizon as well… that is going to be an interesting change in my life… it’s been 15 years.