Monthly Archives: June 2010

Things in June

I’ve been really pre-occupied lately. I had to move things around a bit to make room for the World Cup. I don’t really care that most people here don’t understand what the World Cup means. For me it’s more than the unity and test of strength between nations of the world. For me it also is the only time were I feel close to my home land. That’s why it’s taking center stage over everything else at the moment.

This of course doesn’t mean that I stopped doing other things like music. I’ve been busy with a remix for my buddy Dariio as well as a little 30 second clip for a tv spot my friend is working on who is in advertising. I also have shows coming up on 7/11, 7/28, 8/5, 8/15, 8/21, and 9/11 so I’m definitely not neglecting that part of my life… maybe just not stressing over it so much at the moment. Letting things flow sometimes is a nice change of pace.

My sleeping patterns are all jacked up too at the moment. WC games were early in the morning and I work late PM shifts at work. I just can’t really sleep until 3am or so.

The whole soccer thing inspired me a bit too. I want to start or at least join an indoor soccer team. I’ve been unable to play handball (type handball into youtube to find out what it really is) for the last 8 months due to a shoulder condition and I’m urging for a replacement. I bought myself these sick ass Adidas Sambas.

I hope to be able to spend some of my upcoming school financial aid on a Native Instrument Maschine, those units are super nice.

And with that I will end the rambling and go to sleep.

Good Night