Monthly Archives: May 2010

New Releases!

So I decided to change my distributor for my label. Some of you who I talk to on a daily basis already know all about it. What happens now is that everything I’ve released on my own label will be deleted off of all the online stores (old distributor) and now I’m slowly going to re-release them on the new distributor which is called Rebeat. I also am releasing about 3 or 4 new releases this summer along with the re-released material. There are a few reasons why I decided to go through this lengthy, tedious and quite costly process. Rebeat has professional looking statements that come out monthly, the old one ( only had an excel sheet that came out quarterly (and sometimes incomplete at first). Rebeat also has exceptional customer service and support, at Feiyr you are lucky to get a complete sentence as a response if any at all. On top of all that Rebeat caters to more online portals (300+) and feiyr only to about 250.

So expect the releases to reappear over the next few months.

Coachella Mix Archive

So I finally went through the somewhat tedious task of piecing together the old Coachella mixes and have uploaded them with tracklists and everything, for everybody to download.

The link is

Check it out, there should be about 15 cds worth of music!