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Coachella 2010 Review

So I’m finally back in the real world and I should be catching up on some reading for school, but before I can do that I need to get this weekend off my chest:

For those who don’t know about the Coachella Mixes, John beaver and I have been doing these Coachella themed mixed CDs for 7 years now, and they are available for download on my website.

For some video clips of this year’s festival visit Ashley’s YouTube page. If you don’t know what a landshark really is these clips will tell it all:

Ashley’s YouTube Page

This was the 4th Coachella that I personally attended and overall I had the most fun this year although some of the other years had better line-ups as well as less people pushing you around.

On Friday we got stuck in some bad traffic and for some reason once we finally got to the parking lot that we needed to get to (we had a staff parking pass), it was closed and we got turned around to Lot4a, a camping parking lot kinda far from the festival, which is always a bad thing when you have to leave the show to grab a box of 5000 fliers and bring it back to the entrance to promote the mixes.
So because we made it into the gates kind of late I only got to see

Imogen Heap

Benni Benassi

and Fever Ray

I left each one early.
One of my true refuges of the festival was going to be The Heineken Air conditioned Club Tent. They were always playing some kind of a House music, so I headed there if I had no where else to go:

We had a great response Promoting our Mixes after the first day of Coachella. Our bad parking spot got us stuck and we didn’t get back to the house til pretty late.

On Saturday we headed out earlier and went a better route so we actually got there on time. We started off with the Temper Traps they rocked it, and you know a band rocks it when the songs you never heard before give you chills. They were also very cool when we met them backstage and gave them one of our mixes that features some of their music. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures.

Next up was Gossip

I just had to get in there one more time My Club Tent Refuge:

Then we took a break in the VIP Rose Garden away from the crowds located right next to the Sahara Tent while Bassnectar was playing.

After our break we headed to the Outdoor Stage to watch Hot Chip and MGMT. Check out all the dust we were breathing in all weekend.

After being slightly disappointed it was finally time for the MUSE. I was really looking forward to this one and they did not let me down. Every single song is a hit!

Then we went on for some cool Les Claypool, which was very entertaining. I loved the effects on the xylophone and the electric cello. Ashley loved it.

After that we sat outside of Devo and relaxed and waited for John until he was done with Tiesto. Apparently Tiesto was rocking John so hard that we ended up missing the main crowds and therefore didn’t promote on Saturday night, which was okay because we knocked it out on Sunday night. It’s not hard to get rid of free music 😉

On Sunday we went even earlier. We really wanted to catch Glitch Mob who played around 3:45pm. We almost missed them because when Ashley tried to go through the gates the people the said her wristband had been tampered with because she was able to move the piece of plastic that tightens the band. So they yanked it off her, although that was exactly how we received that wristband. They had no right to take away her wristband. It’s not her fault that they gave her a broken one to begin with. This all leads back to the lack of organization this year and the heavy use of volunteers instead of professional workers. Anyways Coachella security fucked up right there and Ashley had every right to be in the festival. So after a little regroup and a bit of brainstorming combined with some MacGuyver/The A-Team innovation, she made it in after all and we went on to catch some of the Glitch Mob’s set.

We then tried to watch some of Florence and the Machine but it was way to crowded and hot and the sound was really bad. John and Samantha endured it all because they are big Florence fans but I took the rest of the people and went back to … you guessed it. My haven, the Heineken Club Tent. And to my surprise it was Donald Glaude on the decks and no trainwrecking!! It was pretty sweet.

Then THE TEXT MESSAGE from John: “Justice surprise set at Sahara boy!” What that actually meant was Club 75 was playing with one of the Justice guys and Busy P of the Ed Banger Label. So I gathered all my crew and we speedwalked all the way to the Sahara Tent. They played some wicked tracks.

Then after we checked out some Infected Mushroom where all the lighting and visuals was controlled by our buddy Sid Z, we headed to Phoenix whose Light and Laser guy couldn’t make it because of the Volcano in Iceland. So the singer said: “Tonight it’s all about the music” and that it was:

After Phoenix we went to Orbital which was great. I expected their stuff to sound like their famous hit Halcyon but most of it sounded like Industrial Dance music with NIN roots but all instrumental. It was very interesting. They finished off with a remix of ‘Dr. Who’ I think.

I caught the intro to Plastikman as well but I really wanted to knock out the fliers so John and I left with Nick and Tom Nova and posted up nice and early at the gates and we got rid of pretty much all of them. I think next time we need more than 10000 fliers. After that we headed back to the house and celebrated a fun and successful weekend and the on Monday morning Ashley and I drove back with Tom Nova in the back.
Great Weekend!!!

Some Random Pictures:

The 7th Annual Coachella Mix CDs are Finally Ready!!

All I can say is wow. The last few weeks have been hectic and busy, but John Beaver and I do this every year and we just happen to be in crunch time once again. The mixes themselves are finally ready and are available as a free download on our Coachella Page:

We also had a very successful show at Electro Pop Rocks @ Blakes thanks to B33son and crew. I wanna thank them for letting us have our CD Release party there. The flier was sweet too and check out that line outside:

The crowd was so great and it was personally the most people have played for so far. We had our own video crew following us through out the show, but those videos aren’t going to be done for a few weeks, but don’t worry, others took video as well:

Next week is the actual festival and it’s going to be a great time and conclusion to months of hard work and preparation. And I still manage to get my A’s and B’s in school through all that 🙂

Hope to see you at the festival!

-Thomas Radman