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Coachella Mixes

Coachella is coming around again this year. This will be the 7th annual Coachella mixes that we’ll be making for this festival. John Beaver and I take most of the acts of that weekend and through a mixture of DJing and Production fuse them together into one coherent mix.
Download last years 10 Year anniversary mix for free on my website:
This year’s mixes are in the final stages of production and will also be available on my website. I’ll probably give them a dedicated page something like… but that’s not set up yet.
I’ll keep the updates coming.

One Crazy Night with the Crew.

Dariio and I got double booked last night to play in Sacramento at 11pm and in Modesto at 2am. This seemed quite manageable with a little bit of planning. Of course every single thing that could go wrong did. By the end of the night I think our little crew was ready for anything.
So this weekend certainly was the eventful affair that I had expected it to be but in a much different sense than it actually turned out.

We actually had a pretty simple plan.
What was supposed to happen:

5pm – Pick up Mikey V. here in San Jose and head to the Modesto Area to pick up Dariio and his lady.
7pm – Arrive at Dariio’s house and hang out for an hour or so.
8pm – Start heading to the first venue in Sacramento called Pinky’s
10pm – Arrive at Pinky’s and hang out with all the kick ass people that were at the party before we go on.
11pm – Rock the House!
12pm – Do another 15 minutes of mingle and goodbyes before heading to Venue #2 back in Modesto
2am – Rock the Rave!
3am – Head back to Dariio’s house for a good night’s sleep before returning back to San Jose.

Approximated Travel Distance: 300-400 Miles

What really happened:

6:30pm – Already starting off later than planned Ashley and I picked up Mikey V. who had to stay a little later at work and we took off towards Dariio’s house without thinking much of it. For some reason we hit freeway traffic on a Saturday?! This was the start of the spiral.
8:30pm – We finally arrive at Dariio’s house and were ready to take off towards Sacramento but first we went over some tracks that we would potentially play at the two shows. We also printed out some directions to both venues.
9pm – This was the first time when I realized that we are not ahead of schedule anymore but that we had to get cracking just to be comfortably on time. So we left for Pinky’s in Sacramento.
10:30pm – We are now at the I5 and 99 junction in Sacramento probably 15 minutes away from the venue and feeling comfortable that we’ll make it on time. At this point we had to exit the freeway for an emergency bathroom break at taco bell for some people in my crew.
10:45pm – We get back on the freeway right at the point where 99 splits off of I5 and we missed the 99 Split and got stuck on I5… next exit woodland like 20 miles down… FAAAHHHCK
We flip a bitch and try to save some time and exit somewhere by the river and take that road all the way to Pinky’s… too bad we ended up on the wrong side of the river.
11:09pm – This was by far one of my most interesting moments of the journey. We had arrived. Pinky’s unfortunately it was on the other side of the river. I couldn’t help but smile. we kept driving trying to find the next bridge.. which was I80. After lots of phone conversations and missed directions we finally found ourselves back on track and heading the right way.
11:45pm – 45 minutes after our set time we arrive at Pinky’s. Everyone was real cool about us getting lost but those kind of things are embarrassing and unprofessional to me so I’m glad that we were still well received. I also want to apologize for all that drama. Thanks to Formless, who held up the fort at Pinky’s, we were able to start pretty smoothly. It was like a raid. We ran inside, and I started to set up. We rocked that shit but Dariio and I both were quick mixing to make up for lost time. We still had to leave by like 12:15 to make it in time for the next show in Modesto. Still the tracks went off even though someone kicked out the power of the whole sound system at one point 🙂 Ironically, the last song I dropped was called “Mega Disco Blaster” and true to it’s name, it blew one of the fuses to the Subwoofer, which the tech guys fixed quick enough for Formless’ Set. Pinky’s was actually kinda packed and I wish we could have stayed there until the end. But off to the next venue it was.
12:25pm – Leaving for Modesto. Although we didn’t get lost this time, one of our friends started feeling sick and we pulled over several times for throw-up breaks on the way down to Modesto. We were heading for another close call but when it comes to friends being sick I feel that their well-being is more important than being somewhere on time. Friends always come first.
2:05am – Arrived at Venue #2 in Modest…. dead silence. That bitch got busted! I wish we would have known, because then I would have stayed at Pinky’s. I guess it all went down when we were already half way to Modesto.
2:30am – Burger King Break. This drive through took like 45 minutes… the lady was lone and they had no meat, with the registers out of commission. Close the goddamn place!
4am – Back at Dariio’s we unwound and reflected upon the crazy turn of events.
1pm – Finally back at home in San Jose and exhausted from this Trek.

Actual Mileage of the trip: 471 Miles

I love playing in Sacramento and being late is not something I’m known for. I hope to be able to make it up to everyone next time I’m in town, which is March 5th at Necropolis with Formless and Dariio.

For now I go to sleep.