Monthly Archives: February 2010

Double Show this Weekend

So I really have to find some time to finish up this song at least enough so I can play it out as a tester this weekend. It just has to be done. I also have to read another 70 pages of the History of Peru by tomorrow but that should leave enough time for the track on Friday morning until I waste my time at work at night. The shows are on Saturday so I’ll have a little bit more time in the morning then. That time will be mostly spent on pulling together some of the edits and remixes I’ve made for our sets. Here are the two fliers again.

Upcoming shows in February and March

There are some shows ahead that Dariio and I are playing. Two of them at the end of February and one at the beginning of march.

The first one is going to be on February 27th in Sacamento at Pinky’s around 10 or 11pm. Dariio and I have played there before and it’s located at a cozy middle of nowhere part of Sacramento county.

The following show is actually on the same night in Modesto called Ravers Gone Wild. The set time will be around 2am. This might get hectic but if nothing else it will be a memorable night. There is a hotline number to call for the exact location.

The next show after that is going to be on March 5th at Necropolis, a new club also located in Sacramento. This one should definitely be interesting. It’s in a basement that historically used to be the street level of Old Sacramento before the flood. We don’t have our time slots yet for this show.

Also upcoming:
October 8th 2010, “Dance 4 Life” Orlando, FL

Homework in the Studio

Oh boy. It really seems kinda hard to do my homework on my desk when it’s filled with all my equipment. Let’s see there are my BX5a Speakers as well as my M-Audio Keyboard. Then I have my Delta sound card for my PC next to the monitor and then I my Laptop together with the Numark Omni Control all laid out and hooked up. My external hard drive and mouse hardly have any room at all. And then on top of that my big cat, who is about 20 pounds, keeps jumping on the desk and tries to find a spot to lay down. Oh well, I’m sure I can find room for him as well. Bring it on Mortis.