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One after Another…

Continuously starting projects won’t get anything done. I don’t even name them anymore unless I’m sure something is going to come of it. I think if I just relax my mind for a day I should be able to focus. This might become increasingly hard since I start school tomorrow. This should be my last year and it feels good to be over that education hill. I like school though. I can’t really imagine what I’m going to do once I’m done, besides concentrate more on music, which is the obvious answer to that question.
Why can’t it be February 15th already.
I’ve let me guard down. I’m trying to sign some new talent to my label Tief Haus Recordings. Now all I have to do is write some contracts, which I’ve been procrastinating on because it’s tedious. But the anxiety of responsibility turned into a good kind of anxiety. I’m anxious to get this going and progress out of the infant stages of my label.
Next release: Feb 15th
5AM feat. Phonic Youth.

Get it everywhere 😉


5AM is published an locked in.

I’m finally taking a bit of a rest. 5AM feat. Phonic Youth got published last night across the board. The release date is still February 15th. I can’t wait until this one comes out. I just feel really accomplished in the sense that I took it upon myself from the point of music creation all the way to major release. I think everyone should do it. Major labels don’t have anything to offer me any more.

5AM gets pushed out until February 15th

I needed to push out the release of 5AM farther. I’m still waiting on one more remix and for the release to appear on every online portal (there are over 200 targeted) at the same time, I will need at least 3-4 weeks buffer time from publication date to release date.
I’m anxious and excited. I’ve released on Tief Haus before but this is the first serious release with 6 remixes.
Hopefully everything goes smooth.


Representing NI Traktor in Forza 3

So I just finished the Traktor Logo and the overall design on the R8 in Forza 3. It’s just for fun.
Introducing the Audi R8 NI Traktor Edition:

Next Show in Sacramento on Feb 27th

Here it comes again… a Sacramento show. I’m really excited about this. Like i said before Sacramento never disappoints. Dariio and I will be playing a tag team set or as they call it a “vs.” set. That’s fine with me. Maybe we’ll go 3 for 3 since last time our styles clashed just a bit going back and forth. There is no time slot info yet but I’m assuming that we’ll play around 12 or 1. This should be great fun.

Representing Ableton in Forza 3

So when I need to clear my head I play some xbox. In Forza you can design your own graphics in the editor… so I made an Ableton VW R32 version 1.