My Flight to San Diego!

I usually enjoy traveling… Even this time I thought I had found something that would keep me busy for the short 50 minute flight. I followed the freeways all the way to San Diego from San Jose. First 101 south all the way to 156. Although it was night time you could still see the reservoir on 156. Then it went on to I5. That just went straight for about 20 minutes until it hit the grapevine. Then 5 minutes later it was LA and before I knew it I was over Carlsbad which was only 2 more minutes away from the view of Downtown San Diego. All very nice.
Well the reason I concentrated on this so hard was that the air conditioning in the machine was out and some one around me kept farting… stinky ones.
On top of that we had Mr. Chatterbox behind me and the flight was super bumpy… and I already get motion sickness if the flight is smooth. In the end I finally made and my lovely sister picked me up. I spent the next 30 minutes laying down with my eyes closed until the dizziness went away.
Merry Christmas 🙂

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I write electronic music, I do not "make beats"

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