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My Flight to San Diego!

I usually enjoy traveling… Even this time I thought I had found something that would keep me busy for the short 50 minute flight. I followed the freeways all the way to San Diego from San Jose. First 101 south all the way to 156. Although it was night time you could still see the reservoir on 156. Then it went on to I5. That just went straight for about 20 minutes until it hit the grapevine. Then 5 minutes later it was LA and before I knew it I was over Carlsbad which was only 2 more minutes away from the view of Downtown San Diego. All very nice.
Well the reason I concentrated on this so hard was that the air conditioning in the machine was out and some one around me kept farting… stinky ones.
On top of that we had Mr. Chatterbox behind me and the flight was super bumpy… and I already get motion sickness if the flight is smooth. In the end I finally made and my lovely sister picked me up. I spent the next 30 minutes laying down with my eyes closed until the dizziness went away.
Merry Christmas 🙂

Montana 1948 Remixes FINISHED!

So it’s finally done. Two remixes in 3 Days. I had a blast doing it. They turned out awesome and the band seems to like them as well. I normally produce Progressive House but since this was not for club use I kind of had more freedom, so I went for it. Track one is called January Jones and I thought that drum n bass would be a perfect fit for it. I was a little bit inspired by Pendulum and their new commercial sound. The second song is called Final Straw and although that one could have been made into a dance tune I chose to again go outside of my comfort zone and make my first dub step track. This one was kind of inspired by the recent spike in popularity of dub step in general as well as some Sneaker Pimps. If you’re in the San Francisco Area on Friday night come out to the Bottom of the Hill and check out Montana 1948 Live! I’ll be there for sure. It’s their CD Release Party and these remixes are going to be on the CDs they are selling.
If you want to check out these remixes you can head over to these links: under the ‘Listen’ tab

or if you’re into Myspace you can click here!

If you hate Myspace and are a Facebook fanatic instead click here!

🙂 There is no escaping. I’m everywhere…

Montana 1948 Remixes Day 5

Both tracks are done and they are super rockin. This was a great little project and it pushed me to think outside the club box a little bit though they are still very electronic. Once they are finished completely I’ll post some links. Because Montana 1948 retains full copyright these tracks will be available only on iTunes for now, but I’ve already talked to them about letting me release a remix album with other artist remixers.
So although writing two tracks in 6 days drives me crazy it does keep me awake… literally. I can’t sleep well at night 🙂

On Friday is their CD release party and these two remixes will be on that CD as well. It should be a fun time this coming Friday at The Bottom of the Hill in SF.


Day 1 of the Montana 1948 Remixes!

Charles the drummer of the band Montana 1948 approached me with the challenging project to remix two of their new songs by Tuesday for the CD release show they are playing next Friday. I can only describe their sound as progressive-indie-alternative with a hint of The Strokes. Now I personally produce Progressive House so I thought this would be interesting. I’ve cracked open the first song, which is called January Jones. It’s got a great hook at one point in the song that really caught my attention so I went for it. Drum n Bass remix at 165 bpm. It sounds awesome so far and I’m really excited to get Day 2 going on this. I have to keep in mind that I have to finish TWO remixes by the beginning of next week so there is a bit of pressure.


5AM feat. Phonic Youth and other Updates…

5Am was already a rocking tune but when Phonic Youth added their vocals and guitar it blew it out of the water. I knew I had to do my first serious release on Tief Haus Records complete with remixes and all ready to hit and every other online retailer like iTunes and Amazon, etc. I have a list of remixers that are working on this track but I don’t want to list them yet until I have the remix on my hard drive. The official release date is January 29th 2010, which should be plenty of time for everyone to get their tracks in on time. I was so I’m pressed with Shayan and Jason’s (the guys form Phonic Youth) additions that I already gave them another track taht was finished but I haven’t let anyone hear it yet except at one show in Sacramento. It’s called Cosmonaut and I’m very interested to hear what they come up with.
Other than that I’ve ben very busy with getting the website together because I also have finals at San Jose State. Two more weeks and then I’m free until January… and 2010 is going to be explosive!!


So I’ve decided to get my own domain name finally. I need to convert to it being the hub and all the other sites being the branches. Myspace can no longer be the center of activites. I’ve branched out to too many other social networking sites for promotional purposes. Anotehr exciting thing is teh Artwork for 5AM is finished. Not too glamorous but then what is in the club at 5AM…