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First Copyright Issue

In this world of free music and movies all available online, you might wonder why I felt the urge to complain about this youtube video someone posted. Well i understand that tracks that I release on my label are avaailable for free all over the net, but for someone to make a youtube video with the picture of the album art and the words: “come to this site so and so and download this song from free” that’s something I can have band according to the Youtube rules list and copyright infringement laws. This track by Dariio called lifestyle is officially under Tief Haus Recordings copyright. I try to protect my artist’s songs the same way I’d protect my own.

That same person just now posted all the other Dariio tracks on youtube with a link to a free download. I’m going to fill out the forms of complaint for all of them right now.

here is the real link,

Like a Private Little Room

This blogger site is real nice. I feel like I can write things here in peace. After being busy promoting my music and my label on myspace and facebook and everywhere else you can think off it’s nice to com ehere and just write whatever I feel like without having to worry about who reads it. I know these are public posts but I don’t really have a link to this area. So it’s like stepping out of the hectic life into a private little room with a typewriter and an old transistor radio. Typing the night away. I’m going to start posting my music links here as well… when it’s time.


I woke up Sick Today

Waking up sick. This almost worries me a bit. I got a show in Reno this Friday and I’d rather not have puffy eyes and plugged ears while mixing in that next track. I gotta get some of that Day/Nyquil. I’m being optimistic. I’ve had some fun musical times while having the Dayquil treatment. I just have so much to do. Remixes are starting to come in and I gotta write papers for school as well… when all I want to do is sleep for five more minutes, all day long.


The Baby steps of my own Record Label

a little history:
In January of this year (2009) I did some reflecting. I had already released a few Progressive House and Trance tracks on another label called TimeUnlimited based out of Germany. They were all really nice people but very unresponsive. After my last EP on TimeUnlimited took about one year I peacefully parted ways with them.
Now there I was without an outlet to release my music and not confident enough to just approach other labels. I decided to do the only logical thing. Make my own label. This label called Tief Haus was supposed to be an outlet for myself and my friends without the bureaucracy of larger labels. To keep it broad I decided to include all genre’s of House music.
I went and got a distributor and even recently applied to be included on officially. This application cost 50 Euros and it took 6 weeks for me to even get a response. But finally once I got work that I can release virtually everywhere my focus shifted. This idea is actually working…
At this point I’m still experimenting with certain things and my boy Dariio and myself don’t mind being guinea pigs. Once I know how to handle all the possible situations concerning logistics and distribution it’s on to part 2:
Business License and Standard Contract.
I’m planning on getting the Business license by January and I was going to use one of the contracts that I’ve signed in the past but re-write it to fit my label and its philosophy.

Tief Haus translated word for word means deep house though that is a bit of a misconception, I’m not referring to the genre deep house (since we mostly push electro and progressive) but instead the concept of being involved deep in the underground of the house genre… something like that.

Anyways. Check out the myspace page that is so far the only destination to my label:


Here is my blogger link. It’s nice to have a detached space away from myspace and facebook

Blogger Day 1

Writing music can set you free. Being an artist is supposed to level you and center so you can be a better person.
Creating something to share with others…

Seems like this should be the premise of any artist. Too many times though is an emerging artist’s vision clouded with the fog of stardom. Leaving behind friends and other people that have stuck with them on their way to the top (or wherever they might be at the moment). Replacing these people with fans may seem alright in the beginning but who do you have left when you retire?
Be considerate, no matter what genre of music you are emerging out of. Not burning your bridges especially applies to your friends and family not just the distributors and record labels.

Just some thoughts.